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 No-show/cancelation policy

Beginning Sept 1st, 2022


Due to an increase in last minute cancellations and no-show clients, we feel the need to instate new policies regarding your appointments. Although we wish we did not have to do this, our livelihood depends on you. We often cannot fill missed appointments with short or no notice. Thank you for understanding. 


Cancellations & no-shows

A cancellation of any appointment* requires a minimum 2 hour notice. If canceling within the 2 hour notice, a 50% of service price must be paid before any future appointments can be made.


If you do not show up for your appointment, 50% of the service price must be paid before rebooking. 


Repeat offenders

If you consistently cancel or no-show for your appointments, after a third time, you will only be able to make appointments on a day-of basis. If there are no appointments available that day you will be put on a cancellation list. 


*Not in cases of an emergency, which will be handled at the salon’s discretion.

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